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Our company offers a wide range of services in the field of foreign trade.


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Import Logistic is one of the leading companies in the market of Customs services and Logistics.
Our company provides full customs clearance, registration of cargoes and delivery services.

Working with Import Logistic is profitable and pleasant.

About 95% of the clients with whom we have cooperated, again apply for our services and work with us from the date of application to this day. This is because the specialists of Import Logistic know how to do their work efficiently. We are familiar with all the features of customs legislation, we have built the most convenient and safe routes, we use only the best equipment and transport for transportation.

    Us highlights:
  • Individual approach to each client
  • The shortest terms of delivery
  • Full customs support
  • No fines from customs services
  • Quality and safe delivery
  • Reasonable and competitive prices

With Import Logistic you will forget about all the problems.

Our service


Registration of the Declaration of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations of the EAEU (CU)


Logistics operator, Import logistics offers a full range of services for enterprises engaged in commodity exchange operations between the EU and CIS countries.

Customs clearance

One of the priority activities is the customs clearance of goods.

Turnkey import

Implies the performance of all functions of logistics departments and foreign economic activity of the enterprise by an external contractor.


Each of the countries in the customs Union has its own legal regulations and restrictions. The Declaration takes them into account and allows companies to operate within a single system of technical regulation, accelerating their direct entry into the market.

The Declaration of the Eurasian economic Union (EAEU) is a mandatory document that confirms the conformity of products with the established requirements of the Eurasian economic Union. Issued for products in respect of which the form of confirmation of conformity is possible within the Declaration. At the voluntary request of the applicant, instead of declaring it is possible to pass the certification procedure, which removes some of the responsibility from the applicant.

Registration of certificates

Comprehensive assistance in registration of certificates "turnkey", with registration in the registry

The relevance of documentation

Declarations and certificates according to CU TR and GOST R is registered in the unified register of the Federal service for accreditation

Experience and professionalism

Your question is handled by an expert with at least 7 years of experience. The tests will be conducted by accredited laboratories.

Carrying out only necessary works

9 out of 10 customers come back to us because we do not impose additional paid services

Truck transportation

As soon as possible we will arrange for You:

Transportation of goods on the optimal route

Storage, cross-docking, transshipment and consolidation of cargoes

Customs clearance in Italy, Lithuania and Russia

Cargo insurance during transportation

One of the key activities of Import Logistic is international road transport from Russia to the CIS countries and Europe, and in the opposite direction.

All our offices located in Russia, Lithuania and Italy ensure strict fulfillment of obligations to our clients.

Customs clearance

Import Logistic provides customs clearance services in all countries of our presence.

The professionalism of our staff, knowledge of local legislation allows us to guarantee customers high quality customs services with minimal time and money.

We offer registration both on own brokerage contract, and on Your direct under our seal. Prompt release of declarations for goods (within 1 day)

Turnkey import

Turnkey import, Technical import or foreign trade Outsourcing.

Working with a professional importer is more profitable than having your own Foreign Trade Department

A whole team of professionals (foreign trade specialists, lawyers, logisticians, foreign trade accountant, customs clearance specialists) works on your production. It can be unreasonably expensive to maintain such a Department at home

Turnkey import will allow you to avoid unnecessary problems. Minimize risks, increase your profits, and free up your time for the development of core activities

The relationship with the supplier

We help to go straight to the manufacturer, find out the price and buy goods on favorable terms of delivery.

Cost optimization

It is important to understand what kind of logistics path will suit your product, and where you can save on supplies

Document circulation

We make out all the necessary documents, which are needed for customs clearance, import and logistics

Customs clearance

We will issue the goods for export abroad, and will make customs clearance in the Russian Federation.

Focus on your business

And all questions on the organization of import leave for the decision to professionals

What is your benefit?

In cooperation, you can be sure of one thing: the final result is always higher than expectations

Single supplier

All import services are concentrated in one hand, which greatly simplifies the interaction

Rates are lower by 10-30%

High turnover and long-term cooperation will allow you not to spend extra money

Financial guarantee

All terms and guarantees are written in the contract, you do not risk anything

Direct supplies

No dealers and dealers, you always get the best offer


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Import Logistic company is one of the leading companies in the market of Customs services and Logistics. Our company provides full customs clearance, clearance and delivery services.

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